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Effect of biomass pellet mill on pellet feed


Combined with the current development of the analysis, due to the increasing number of feed production enterprises, at the same time the production of pellet feed is also increasing, so the demand for biomass pellet mill also increases. With the continuous expansion of the market, which is also mixed with some poor quality of biomass pellet mill, and some feed production units are attracted by its low price.

However, in comparison, these inferior biomass pellet mill not only itself processing quality is rough, but also relatively low service life. Therefore, in practical application, it is difficult to ensure the smooth operation of production equipment. In the process of investigation, we found that after the operation of these equipment for a period of time, accessories in various parts will appear different degrees of wear, and the frequency of bearing damage is very high.

biomass pellet mill

There are also frequent problems such as oil leaks and, more seriously, mainframe failures of various kinds. In this way, not only the production of biomass pellet mill is difficult to maintain stability, but also makes the output of serious decline. Because these inferior equipment is forbidden when making, this is not what choose is good material, and when undertaking processing to make, also often do not amount to the requirement.

Therefore, these biomass pellet mill in practical use, not only affect the processing quality of feed particles, but also not wear resistant, it is easy to crack and other problems. If such equipment is selected for production, it will not only waste the capital investment caused by frequent maintenance, but more seriously, there are also large production risks.

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