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Feed making machine supplier tell you how to improve the production and processing quality of fish feed pellet machine


1. When fish feed pellet machine is shut down for a period of time and not in use, do not wash the die, the particles in the hole of the ring die become hard, the next difficult feeding, extrusion pressure is too big and cause, the ring die is broken, then it is necessary to add non-corrosive oil-soluble material immediately.

2, Because loading and unloading ring mold with mild steel special tools immediately hit the ring mold caused by the ring mold, ring mold crack. If a ring die has to be mounted vigorously, a mallet shall be used to avoid damage to the equipment.

Fish Feed Pellet Machine

3, Feed too much or replace small diameter ring mold to immediately adjust the feeder, granulating visual imbalance production, resulting in, ring mold load increase, leading to ring mold crack. At this point should adjust the feeding motor rated power, adjust the chin control board or magnetic induction control board.

4, pressure film cover hole damage increased and its inner hole deformation, bolt loose, resulting in the ring die hole hole at the tear, this time must be replaced pressure film cover.

We can use the above method to carry out the treatment when we encounter the split of the granulator ring mold, but we must use the proper method in the case of treatment, in order to get a better actual effect of repair, in the case of application, it is necessary to cherish the ability to add, in order to be very good to increase its service life, improve the quality of manufactured particulate matter production and processing.

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