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Poultry feed processing equipment product introduction


Poultry feed processing equipment is suitable for large farms, feed plants, organic fertilizer plants, Chinese herbal medicine, chemical industry, and other pressing granular use, can be used with a variety of powder materials. Its product performance is at the forefront of its domestic and foreign counterparts.

poultry feed processing equipment

Poultry feed processing equipment features

1. The machine has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful appearance, high output, less power consumption, easy to use, reliable working performance, etc.

2. The pressing wheel is uniformly arranged, which makes the operation stable, the pressing area, and the production efficiency.

3. Adopt screw center pressure regulating structure, the clearance of the mold is smaller and larger, suitable for different materials, to ensure the effect of pressing.

4. Granulator is equipped with an observation door, easy to check and maintain at any time.

Breakdown and maintenance

Because our company production of poultry feed processing equipment is the precision bearing drive, in ensuring the efficient power input at the same time to eliminate the power loss in the pellet machine belt drive, mechanical and electrical machine precision bearing transmission particles directly connected poultry feed processing equipment so that the particles in the process of the machine run more power, lower power consumption. There are many precision bearing parts in the pellet machine gearbox that need lubrication. After receiving the pellet machine, add 4L gear oil into the pellet machine immediately. Different oil varieties may have different amounts.

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