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Production process of poultry feed processing equipment


Now China's feed processing industry has more than 30 years of experience, poultry feed processing equipment has been using the traditional processing technology, generally used to crush coarse powder compound feed. With the improvement of people's living standards and the high attention to food safety, feed safety has also come into people's vision. Therefore, how to research and improve the production of feed from the processing technology to ensure and enhance the quality and safety of feed has become very important.

poultry feed processing equipment

With the continuous development of the processing plant, new processing technology has emerged. It includes process design, equipment selection calculation and equipment layout, ventilation and dust removal time, silo design and other contents, which can meet the needs of most feed. Using advanced and excellent feed production equipment and scientific and reasonable layout, not only can meet the requirements of quality standards at all levels, but also can effectively reduce energy consumption and material consumption.

And is constantly combined with intelligent, has developed the entire production line can be controlled in the central control room, packaging system, this system has a high degree of automation and flexibility.

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