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How to Improve the Working Efficiency of Biomass Pellet Mill?


Biomass pellet mill is mainly for some livestock manufacturing feed equipment, but we will find that the use of a period of time, the work efficiency will decline! At this time will need us to adjust in time, so as to improve its work efficiency. The details are as follows:

1, in the use of biomass pellet mill to prohibit the entry of good materials, at the same time in the production to prohibit the non-crushing material into the granulation room.

2, control the granularity of the material composition, prohibit the granularity of too large material into, should be screened in advance.

3. Control the moisture content of the material, and solarize and dry the material with more water to avoid the material adhering to the pelletizing chamber wall.

biomass pellet mill

4, Improvement of rolling form of biomass pellet mill, through the design of the roller rolling form was improved, puts forward the increasing pressure, reduce the invalid wear and reduce the size of roller bearing, make the material in the granulating indoor for effective suppression area, easy to form a single mold hole pressure is greater, for laminated molding material and improve the material discharging rate.

5. Reasonable working parameters have a direct impact on the movement characteristics of the material, and then have an important impact on the production efficiency of the equipment. Therefore, reasonable working parameters of the equipment should be ensured in the production.

6, the transmission efficiency of the deceleration mechanism affects the size of the production efficiency of the pellet mill equipment, when the transmission efficiency is small, the actual power of the equipment will be reduced, the biomass pellet mill in the design of the transmission system can be improved by improving the transmission system efficiency to increase the actual useful power of the pellet mill, to achieve the purpose of energy-saving and consumption reduction.

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