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Crumbling Equipment

Crumbling equipment for fish feed pellets plants can be used in feed plants for feed grinding and also can be used in soybean, corn, and other soft mineral grinding. They can be used with floating fish feed extruder, poultry feed pellet mill, biomass pellet mill, and fish feed pellet mill.

The fish feed pellets plant uses the machine to process the feed, the temperature rise is moderate, can well maintain the various trace elements in the raw material, palatability is good, the animal feed intake is large, is conducive to digestion and absorption of various nutrients. The particle composition is uniform, neat shape, smooth surface, the diameter can be changed between 1.5-8mm (need to change the mold), length can be adjusted between 5-20mm, and the particle density is large, easy to store and transport, suitable for all kinds of breeding objects in different growth period needs. 

The fish feed processed by the modified fish feed pellet mill can keep in water for a long time and improve the utilization rate of feed. It helps prevent water pollution. The fish feed pellet machine has wide adaptability to materials and can process full-price compound feed with different requirements. The machine can process powdery feed with low moisture content and fresh feed with high moisture content.